Saturday, 22 November 2008

‘Why you haven’t seen me in the paper of late’

Dear Friend and Reader

The new editor of the Advocate, Donna Kelly, has seen it in her wisdom to suddenly, and without warning, pull my fortnightly column from the paper. No reason given but that the paper is going into a new direction.

This made me sad, because I have loved this part of my life since it both inspired and motivated me and provided a strong sense of sharing with my community.

I must say I am not surprised, because I felt I was being slowly elbowed out. I think that in relation to her own new column, ‘My Say’, my writing was far too positive.

Soon after she took office, I was informed that I could now only write columns of 250 words instead of the usual 500. At the same time my reduced writing was moved to, and hidden in, the back section of the paper.

I emailed my reply with the request for one more column. I wanted very much to say goodbye and thank my readers. I would have liked to make the ending more special/official. After all it seemed strange to me that, after more then ten years of my column contributions I was denied this request. I found this more upsetting then having my column pulled. And wondered why.

I found this action totally depressing, disappointing and very unprofessional.

So I am writing to let you know why I, from now on, will not be writing for the paper anymore.

I would like to thank you for your reading, for your support and for your remarks over the last ten years, all of which I have enjoyed.

Would you please forward this to the addresses on your locals data base, so that I can thank, and explain to, as many people as possible.

And, if you think I have been treated somewhat shoddily, please let Donna know that this is not the way to deal with long time committed contributors to the community spirit. Her contact is:

Advocate Newspaper:

I appreciate your attention
and thank you in advance

Hoping this finds you happy
I send this with a SpringGardenSmile



  1. an absolute travesty. pathetic actually. and we the readers miss out. we will follow you in blogworld mr spronk.

  2. Sorry to see this happen, but will follow your blog now, and hopefully more of your friends will find you here.