Monday, 17 November 2008

Public Artwork for Melbourne

'Architectural Fragment'

My first public art commission
for the city of Melbourne

Swanston Street, Melbourne, Australia.
Installed 1992


  1. this is such a killer work petrus – it seems to say to the viewer: "the undoing of industrial civilisation is imminent so here's a remaining fragment for your historical reference".

  2. Hi Petrus..
    Long time no contact you
    Everything goes good so far?
    I am going so okay.
    I still remember above public sculpture.
    still has the picture in my homepage.
    anyway really happy to get your story in the internet by Blog.
    you still look energytic, vital and young
    hope keep in touch with you sometimes.
    so happy to know your blog here.

    With big smile ^___^
    From winter Korea (Sup)