Monday, 16 November 2009


As an artist I make one painting per year.

I do not use conventional paints for this work.

I use earth colours.

The painting is not exhibited, although anyone can come and look at it,

nor is the painting for sale.

This painting is for eating. Some of the colours taste delicious.....

Early summer.........

All of a sudden the garden is filled with colour.

It seems as if the colours have been waiting underground for the energising rain,

followed by the warming sun.

Not unlike a water-colour painting where pigments wait for water

to manifest in all their glory on the surface of the paper.

The various pigments in the garden come

from the seeds and seedlings which I have sown and planted at the end of winter.

I am working on this huge painting for pleasures of

the aesthetic, working and relaxation kind.

Occasionally I eat a bit from one of the corners of my painting.

Some of the colours taste delicious.

The orange of a freshly pulled carrot.

The red of a ripe tomato dropped into my hand.

The purple of a richly filled aubergine.

The bright yellow of a capsicum.

The various viridians of lettuces, spinach and other leafy greens.

all enhanced by the blue of the sky, as reflected in the bird bath.

Magic and loveliness abounds.

"The poet and the gardener, both nourish the world"


  1. yes, he does.

    you make your world a lovely place.

  2. A painting always changing
    A poem for eternity
    your love for the here and now
    the circle complete


  3. Thanks you Petrus for your beautiful blog. It made me smile.

  4. I really enjoyed reading the poem describing your allotment garden. It nourished my imagination.

  5. Petrus - My sister, Zoe, sent us the link to the article in HandEye. Both Dawn and I are blown away by the photos of your work. I sent the link to Jamil at the Ark. What a Flash from the Past! So Great to see that you are doing well

  6. Petrus - I wonder if you remember our oldest daughter, Alea, she is a functional artist living in Portland Oregon. Here is her blog site
    Best to you from Dawn and I

  7. A wonderful post. You have a very beautiful blog here :)

  8. Petrus,
    Beautiful blog, beautiful art,beautiful sentiments, thank you for sharing,