Tuesday, 22 September 2009


On the way home from a journey to the coast
the evening before the Spring Equinox
I noted the moon in the sky
a golden bowl drifting slowly down to the horizon
while contemplating the absolute beauty of that
I remembered my time with the Pueblo Indians
who called this manifestation of the moon
'The Receiver'
(which set me off on the path to making bowls)

The next morning I noted the evidence
of the bowl spilling its gold into the landscape

"The Best Is Yet To Come........"


  1. Hello again. What a beautiful analogy between, the moon, the field and your pottery-- the connection between nature and your inspiration for your work-- your bowls.

  2. the connections from one step to the next
    and the spaces between...
    i was gazing up at that same moon
    from the back paddock
    in the cold still twilight

  3. Hello Petrus, I'm a fellow countryman, but I landed in Los Angeles (for study reasons). When reading some of your resume, I thought the Dutch educational system was so narrow back then (I don't know how it is right now, since I've lived her for more than 20 years), and I'm sad you had to do this all by your own initiative. But you did it!!
    I am a painter now, and blog at blogger - look me up sometime- een prettige dag toegewenst!

  4. Hello Petrus,
    thanks for the "follow" - and the email - I'll respond to that tomorrow! Have a good walk, good food, and a great day:)