Saturday, 23 May 2009


On the road last Friday early a.m.
on my way to the Dharma School
I drove into this magical moment
I had to stop the car and record it

"To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders:


  1. Hello Petrus,
    I found your blog from India's blog and have enjoyed my visit very much. Thank you for sharing your beautiful world with me, your thoughts, your art, and your images are all incredible. xt

  2. how lovely, nice to find yr blog ... might see u for a coffee @ rs some time soon :)

  3. the centre of the world is where you are....bathing in mysterious light..
    have nice times travelling!

  4. lovely photo. I love the quality of the light.

  5. Drive into the light. What a beautiful and mysterious photo. Of course you had to stop the car. XX

  6. Hi Petrus, so lovely to have found your blog. It is clearly the work of an artist: the way you see everyday things in your environment and capture them both in picture and words so that we can see them too is just beautiful. Thank you very much.