Tuesday, 17 March 2009


This feather cloud image was taken over my garden today
the 17th March at 7.30pm

It reminded me of my time with the Pueblo Indians
In many of their houses there was a feather hanging in the doorway
it lightly brushed your head upon entering
to remind you, I was told, to leave any negative feelings you may have, outside
This in turn reminded me of the following:

This has to do with pottery making,
plus, of course, many other aspects of life.
It is about the Spirit line. When an Pueblo Indian potter makes a ceramic bowl, she always decorates it with a painted line along the rim. However, she leaves a small opening in this line. This line is called the spirit line. I asked what this spirit line and small opening in it was for and was told that the opening in the spirit line was a sort of doorway, to allow the spirit of the bowl in and that of maker out. When I asked why that was important, I was told the following, (and this was an important signpost in my life) when your spirit gets caught up in a bowl, or any other object for that matter, it gets imprisoned and stops traveling. Meaning, it stops growing and thus can’t develop anymore.

'Training begins with what you have already learned'


  1. ...i knew there was a reason for making sure my stitching was never an unbroken line...

  2. Perhaps this will still show, though it is so much later now.... but this helps to understand how one gets bound up into the thing of one's making. It has me thinking of how to set the things free; how to finish and let them go. Where is the broken line in a weaving, though? Or in a piece of writing?